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What do them have in common an aspirant pop diva; a fashionista and a studious girl? The music! … (+) →
Is the new bid from Televisa. Features protagonistic performances of Camila Sodi and Osvaldo Benavides, … (+) →
Tu Cara me Suena premiered in Teletica, on channel 7 of Costa Rica, on April 14 being, since every Tuesday … (+) →
Intellectual property relates to creations of the mind: inventions, literary and artistic works, as well as symbols, … (+) →
The channel received in their studios in Miami representatives of major advertising agencies in order to expose. … (+) →
It’s about an initiative that provides children an opportunity to make positive changes in the world that surrounds them. … (+) →
The teen telenovela Aliados, is a fictional format of consecrated producer Cris Morena, a pioneer of the genre and creator of hits like … (+) →
Netflix confirmed the presentation of its initiative of original films with “Beasts of no Nation,” the new film written and directed by Emmy Award winner Cary Fukunaga … (+) →
On Monday, July 6, Globo’s telenovela ‘Verdades Secretas’, which airs at 11 PM in Brazil, reached its record audience … (+) →

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