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The event was installed by Rod Perth alongside Jordan Levin, CEO of NATPE and confirmed that NATPE 2016 will be held again in Miami. The first day, yesterday proceeded with … (+) →

This company closed the third quarter of 2014 with 14 million 41 thousand pay-TV customers. And it is that the loss of 12,000 subscribers of this service, as compared to … (+) →

Ricardo Kleinbaum triumphs as an actor and producer in Tinseltown. The renowned Mexican actor stands out in the U.S. as actor and Hollywood film producer. Currently displayed his masterful work … (+) →

The suspense series are premieres on AXN

They are suspence series of CBS Studios International, and already scheduled by AXN for the beginning of 2015, after Sony Pictures Television (SPT) Networks Latin America kept the broadcasting rights.… (+) →