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With a participation record of 300 producers, directors, writers, executives, entrepreneurs, and stars the IX World Summit of the Telenovelas and Fiction Series Industry which was celebrated at the J.W. Marriott Hotel Miami, in the financial center included in its agenda the creation of the Delia Fiallo Awards to honor the so called “Goddess of the Telenovelas”.


"This recognition has been like a rebirth when I had began to feel that I was traveling on the roads of forgetfulness. This is my last trophy and the most important of my life, because it does not remain in me, but that happens to reward the work of others who have contributed to enlarge the world of telenovelas and fiction series" said the great writer whom was honored at the first summit in 2003 and this time received industry recognition for her brilliant career of success, generating untold numbers for the industry and an audience of 2,000 million television viewers in the world.

The event highlighted some of the major stars of the successes of Fiallo who were awarded the first statuettes, including Guy Ecker and Blanca Soto, who with Eva Luna broke the tv audience record in the history of Univision; Osvaldo Ríos and Coraima Torres, protagonists in Kassandra , the most sold telenovela in history according to the Guinness book of Records, some of the most representatives of her telenovelas as Lupita Ferrer, the unforgettable protagonist of Esmeralda with Jose Bardina (deceased) in the first novela to become an international success. Also were awarded the legendary Carlos Mata and Jeannette Rodríguez, protagonists of Cristal , the first telenovela to win the public in Spain, with such degree of harmony that was extended to 246 chapters.


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“It was a great summit in which actual topics were debated as digital contents and mobile audiences, changes in strategic markets and industry trends. Moreover, from this moment every year, in the summit we will be presenting the Delia Fiallo Awards as part of a promise made by the industry to the pioneer of the genre and as I have called her the Goddess of the telenovelas”, said Amanda Ospina, journalist and Director of TVMASmagazine and creator and organizer of the summits in the United States, Europe and Latin America and international destinations in its ninth edition returns to Miami, one of the industry's favorite places because “for many is a goal and the first step to reach the public in the United States”.

This summit, which included the rise of the series and the telenovelas in open and closed platforms, awarded writers Alex Hadad, whom adapted Eva Luna and Pablo Illanes author of Donde está Elisa ?
Also, recognized the achievements of talented Mexican producer Carlos Sotomayor; Venezuelan director Leonardo Galaviz, and awarded the telenovela Vidas en juego produced by Rede Record in Brazil.

It highlighted very especially the new initiative of the Pasiones channel devoted to telenovelas, and the work of Juan Pablo Santos, who has been involved with the launch of this successful project.

The creative efforts of Argentina's Patricia Maldonado to attract young audiences were also rewarded for her juvenile history Chiquititas, produced by renowned businesswoman Chris Morena, Queen of programs for children and young people audiences. Also, in the national and international sphere for their great careers as programmers and contributions to the genre with their television creations were awarded Argentina's Claudiot Villaruel and Bernarda Llorente, who lead the production company ON TV Contents and Channel 360 TV.


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With participants from 24 countries, an audience and a record crowd that included the presence of important personalities in the industry, the presentations were of the highest standard and referred to the new frontiers, digital contents and mobile audiences; the tendencies and industry challenges, and new producers entering the genre in countries like Iran, Afghanistan, Romania, Turkey and Jordan.

“One benefit of the summit is that we meet once a year, managers, programmers, producers and writers to exchange ideas and anticipate evaluating the path of the business and obviously to generate business,” said Peter Tinoco, President of Univision Productions in Miami and Executive coproducer of two telenovelas that Univision Studios is recording right now.

“The summit has been a success - Amanda Ospina ended -, not only for the quality of the speakers and participants, but for the businesses that have been generated and because Spain, “the invited country”, made it clear that each time “looks toward Latin America” to promote partnerships and coproductions.” Among the conclusions Ospina, framed the need for original contents, to recover the stories based on love, because violent arguments and repetitive themes are receding the public from telenovelas. Ospina also added that telenovelas and series are a tool to overcome the economic crisis. The public seeks them as an escape, and have become increasingly popular and at the same time, the channels have discovered that telenovelas is one of the most profitable and effective products in television”.

The closure of the awards was made by Amanda Ospina by giving the Delia Fiallo Award to her and surprising her with a song in the background: Y Como Fue? with which the Cuban writer and Cuban director Bernardo Pascual fell in love. Pascual her husband throughout her life, took the stage and handed her a bouquet of red roses, - and as a happy ending to her telenovelas, the thrilled couple wept and the audience as well.

As an anecdotal data from the summit, when Ospina asked the large audience where should the next summit be held, were heard countries like Brazil, Chile, Korea, Vietnam and Malaysia. But there was a general outcry: "Miami".


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The Cuban writer received the award from Amanda Ospina, and was honored by writers, producers and stars in a
historic soirée for the telenovela industry, in which there was all of laughter, emotions and tears.



Below, sorne of the companies that have supported the summitsince 2003
in the United States; 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 in Europe (Spain), 2008 in Argentina, 2009 in Colombia, 2010 in Peru.
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